Contribution Of Technology In Education

 Contribution Of Technology In Education


Contribution of Technology in Education is an important tool that empowers humans and gets them ready to face the challenges of life skillfully.

The universe in which we are living is wide, many living being is living their lives but the most important thing which differentiates humans from other living beings on earth is Education.


Technology is basically scientific knowledge that is used for practical purposes and intentions. The use of technology is widely spreading in medicine, science, industry, communication, transportation, and daily life. Also in this blog, Contribution of Technology in Education.

Ancient Times:

In the early times, people do not have any sort of facility for living life, they use stone tool technology for many purposes, and fire for other means of need. Even for traveling far away distance, they walk on foot for hours. Then the human brain discovered exclusive things for humanity.

Is Technology Really Helpful In Education 

Technology has become an integral part of education. It has made education simple and easy & there are many options to clear our doubts.

Everything is possible and available online. Before if students have any problems regarding their studies, they have to ask their teachers. But now they can search for anything on the internet.

Benefits Of Technology In Classroom

Technology in the classroom can support learning and teaching practices. Here are some techniques which can be helpful:

Provide A Learning Environment:

The first thing is an engaging learning environment for students. Technology can be helpful for teachers to convey their lectures in an appropriate and creative way.

Focus On Student’s Careers:

Teachers should prepare the students in such a way that they should be familiar with the technology, they should understand the basics. In this way, they can

improve their professional and personal lives.

Working In Groups:

It is a great way to promote and facilitate discussion among students. They’ll communicate with each other through the technology and discuss different topics they can collaborate on and learn together.

Using Social Media 

Social media is a big part of our lives, so teachers use to interact it into education. There are many different ways that you can use social media in different courses. you can create a Facebook page & Twitter page for your class where students can ask queries & you can update them on many things.

Effects Of Social Media On Technology:

Social Media is improving & developing their IT systems. They can help in introducing fresh and new candidates and ideas in many fields. Social Media helps people to keep in contact with friends and family. It helps people strengthen their relationships and create new connections. Here are some benefits of technology in media :

  • Internet 
  • Websites
  • Blogs

Disadvantages Of Technology :

There is no such field in which technology is not involved. The purpose of technology is to make our work quick & easier. Though it has a great impact on humanity we also should be aware of the disadvantages of modern technologies & how it

affects our lives. Let’s discuss it :

Causes Lack Of Interest In Studies:

Every student has ambitions and goals which they want to achieve due to education but too much use of technology and media them to lose interest in their studies. They are too much involved in computers, mobile phones, tablets, play stations, etc.

Air Pollution Due To Technology:

Air pollution is a very big issue in this modern era.

Dangerous gases that come out from factories & vehicles are polluting the environment which is creating a lot of diseases like asthma in human beings and other living things.

Sound & Noise Pollution:

Due to some technologies lot of sound pollution is created. Includes heavy machines, factories, vehicles, airplanes, etc which are very harmful to every living being.

Water Pollution:

Water coming from lakes & rivers is used by living beings but different factories and mills create chemical waste which enters the river and lakes tath pollutes the water and it is very harmful to living things, which creates a lot of dangerous diseases.

Reduces The Creativity Of People:

Every human being that exists on Earth has different sorts of creativity.It is something like finding some kind of interesting and unique ideas and these creative ideas come from deep thinking,  but due to technology creativity of people is reduced.

They use technological gadgets instead of concentrating and thinking. So, they definitely lose their creativity.

Causes of Health Problems:

Technology has a bad influence on our health. It can affect eyesight and also hearing sense. It can also increase obesity. People are so much involved in it that they ignore their food items, which can badly affect their health.


In conclusion, Contribution of Technology in Education teaches us various skills & can make our lives easier as compared to the lives of ancient people. It enhances your ability to make logical decisions. So we can say that the modern education system is blessed with advanced technologies.

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