kerala family vacation packages

 kerala family vacation packages

Kerala, often referred to as God’s Own Country, is a scenic heaven in southern India. This kerala family vacation packages will take you to its lush landscapes, backwaters, culture, and beaches. It’s a place that appeals to tourists of all ages and interests.

That further makes it the perfect choice for a pleasant family trip. With Keralapackage Kerala family trip best discounts you may ensure to make the most of it. So book one of Kerala’s best tour packages for your journey ahead. Above all, they are made by keeping the families in mind.

Why Kerala for a Family Vacation

Before diving into the best tour packages Kerala has to offer let’s explore its highlight. Firstly we will find with this kerala family vacation packages why to choose Kerala. Here are some of the reasons behind it.

1: Natural Beauty

Kerala boasts some of the most stunning vistas in India. It firstly possess the backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom regions.

Further, takes you to the tea gardens of Munnar and Varkala and Kolavam’s pristine beaches. In other words, there’s no shortage of beauty of nature to explore.

2: Culture and Heritage

Kerala is rich in culture and heritage. It further gives families the chance to learn about traditional dances.

The state owns the dance forms for example Kathakali. Witness folk music concerts, and even try their hand at some local art forms. The state’s history is evident in its ancient temples, palaces, and colonial buildings.

3: Adventure and Wildlife

For families seeking adventure, kerala family vacation packages offers a range of options. That further include trekking in the Western Ghats and wildlife safaris in Periyar National Park.

Above all, you can go for water sports in the Arabian Sea. The state’s diverse eco systems provide options to spot wildlife and explore the great outdoors.

4: Delicious Cuisine

Above all, Kerala is famous for its unique cuisine. Indulge in a range of dishes, having mouth watering seafood, flavorful veg meals, and desserts. Children can try local snacks like banana chips and enjoy the sweetness of fresh coconut water.

5: Welcoming Hospitality

The people of Kerala are famous for their warm welcome and friendly behaviour. Families can expect a warm welcome no matter where they go. They further make sure a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Now that you are convinced of Kerala’s appeal for a family vacation. Let’s take a look at some of the best tour packages available.

1: Backwater Bliss

For a tranquil experience in backwaters of Kerala, take the Backwater Bliss tour package. It mainly contains a stay in an ancient houseboat. They further cruises through the scenic backwaters of Alleppey or Kumarakom.

Families can enjoy the serene ambiance and savor tasty local cuisine on board. During the day end, take in the charming sunset views over the water. The package often include visits to local rural regions. Above all, it allows to take part in things for example fishing and canoeing.

2: Hill Station Haven

For cooler weather and hill stations, the Hill Station Haven package is excellent. Munnar, which is a famous hill station in Kerala. It is known for its tea gardens, misty mountains, and pleasant climate.

This package typically includes a stay in a charming hillside resort. You can take guided tours of tea gardens, and options for trekking or nature walks. Above all, families can also visit the Tea Museum to learn about the tea making process.

3: Wildlife Adventure

For families with a passion for wildlife and nature, choose the Wildlife Adventure package. It further offers an exciting journey through the forests and jungles of Kerala. A highlight of this package is a visit to Periyar National Park.

Here you can go on a jungle safari to spot elephants, tigers, and various bird species. The package often gives guided nature walks and boat rides on Periyar Lake. They meanwhile provide chances for taking wildlife photos and exploration.

4: Coastal Retreat

kerala family vacation packages coastline offers a unique blend to relax and do adventure. Both of them further make it a great choice for a family vacation. The Coastal Retreat package typically includes staying at the pleasant beach resorts in Varkala or Kovalam.

Families can spend their days sunbathing on golden sands and meanwhile taking part in water sports. They can explore nearby attractions for example ancient temples and lighthouses. Do not forget to indulge in fresh seafood at the beach side shacks.

5: Sojourn to Culture

This one is for those want to explore Kerala’s rich culture and heritage. The Cultural Sojourn package is a perfect option for that. It contains visits to ancient sites for example the Mattancherry Palace, Fort Kochi, and temples.

They can meanwhile attend ancient art programs like Kathakali. Further, go for seeing some Kalaripayattu martial arts programs. This cultural learning will leave your family with a deeper knowledge of it’s culture.

6: Ayurvedic Retreat

For a truly reviving feel, choose the Ayurvedic Retreat package. Firstly, Kerala is famous for its Ayurvedic wellness centers and spas.

It mainly contains relaxing Ayurvedic massages and treatments for both adults and children. Above all, it’s a great way to unwind, detox, and bond with each other.

Tips for Booking a Kerala Family Vacation Package

If you are taking this package, further go through the given tips.

1: Plan Ahead

Start planning your trip well in advance to secure the best deals. With this, you will also get your chosen dates.

2: Customization

Look for tour services that offer flexible packages. That can meanwhile allow you to tailor the schedule to your family’s choices.

3: Read Reviews

Firstly, research about the tour operators. Further, read reviews from other families who have taken their packages. It will ensure a known and reliable choice.

4: Check Inclusions

Thoroughly review what is there in it, for example stays, meals, activities, and transport. Above all, ensure it meets your family’s needs. In short, there’s a Kerala tour package made just for you. Embrace the natural beauty, culture, and welcome of Kerala while creating pleasant moments. That too, with your loved ones on your next family trip.

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